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Supplies & SWAG! 
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Manual full of chakra content including meditative coloring pages, colored pencils, challenge calendar and star stickers. 

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Join us this October
Energize Your Practice

Join us for Energize Your Practice: 21 in 31, the 5th installment of our annual challenge to dive more deeply into yogic practice and philosophy, and endeavor to complete 21 classes in the 31 days of October. This year we are exploring the chakra system.

Each of the 7 chakras are charged with their own unique qualities ranging from colors, symbols, totems, and sounds to psychological and emotional presentations. Often described as vortexes of energy, chakras can become stagnant or blocked, thereby not transmitting the vital energy upward to the next chakra. From root (pelvic floor) to crown (crown of the head) the chakras are arranged in order from basic earthly survival needs to Divine universal connection. “Opening” the chakras in order is thought to be the path to enlightenment. This organization is mirrored by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, established in 1954. We will appreciate the psychological and emotional implications of the chakra system as it correlates with contemporary psychology. As the chakras also relate directly to physical nerve plexuses in the body, we will access and stimulate the chakras via the omnipresent tool we have of our very own bodies!

Co-branded Cotopaxi hip pack and a surprise finale gift in collaboration with Mercantile Home in downtown Easton! 

What you will learn

We will spend four days on each chakra, exploring details ranging from superficial and universal (Day 1 - Symbols) to deep and personal (Day 4 - Off The Mat). Peek the breakdown below.

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On The Mat

Off The Mat

On this day, indicated on your calendar by the chakra’s icon, you will explore each chakra’s associated:

  • Color

  • Element

  • Crystal

  • Seat In the Body

  • Animal

  • Chakra Icon

It is through our five senses that we can interact more personally with the chakras. These can also be seen as useful tools to balance chakras - stimulate them, or observe when they are out of balance.

  • Sight

  • Sound

  • Touch

  • Taste

  • Smell

We’re talking mat practice on this day, familiar territory - poses, postures, asanas (AH-suh-nahs). You will notice that our whole team will make a concerted effort to speak to the relevant chakra throughout its four days to help you find the connection in your own bodily experience. Your “On The Mat” pages in this manual will help define this more.

In the final days of each chakra we will explore how balance and imbalance may manifest in our behaviors and life choices by appreciating existing research which correlates the chakra system with contemporary and popular psychology.


You will also be provided questions and journal prompts to explore the concepts for yourself.

What is a Chakra?

Pronounced CHOH-kruh, these are energy centers in the body. Different systems of philosophy utilize varying numbers of chakras. In yoga we often refer to 7 chakras, as will be the case for our collective journey this month.

While you strive to complete 21 yoga classes in the span of the 31 days of October at The Valley Om (In-Person, LIVEstream, or The Virtual Om), you will also be provided with information, tools, guidance, and support to more deeply experience the chakra system.


Challenge structure:

You may organize your attempt of 21 classes in the month of October however it works best for your schedule. You may count classes taken with The Valley Om in all forms: in-person, LIVEstream, recorded LIVEstream, through The Virtual Om, and Specialty Classes. Add a sticker to the in studio tracking board, a check to the virtual tracking board found on the EYP (Energize Your Practice) Member page on our website, and even stickers to your calendar in the manual you will be provided!

You will receive:

  • Unlimited classes in-studio, LIVEstream, and recorded LIVEstream

  • Access to The Virtual Om

  • 15% off of Specialty Classes

  • 2 Guest Passes

  • Manual packed with information and meditative coloring pages

  • Challenge SWAG!

  • 2 Tracking boards - 1 in-studio and 1virtual 

  • Access to Energize Your Practice Member page of our website for audio and video content

  • Invitation to Energize Your Practice WhatsApp group

  • Invitation to closing ceremonies

  • A deeper and enriched understanding of your practice and yourself

Priced at $150

Valued at Over $300

*Please choose 10/1/23 as the "Plan Start Date" at checkout! 


**MEMBERS! Please email us letting us know that you want to participate and we will process the difference to convert your membership to the Energize Your Practice enrollment for the month of October. 

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"So early into Discover Your Practice (21 in 31 of 2021) and I feel like I did when I started practicing. Just excited to get onto my mat at any chance!"    - Kelly C. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to complete ALL 21 classes in 31 days?


A: It is NOT required that folks complete 21 classes, it is merely a fun little way to kickstart inspiration and commitment.

Q: How or when do I receive the manual?


A: Pick will be in studio before October 1st. You will be notified when items are ready for pick up.

Q: What classes count towards to the 21?


A: ALL classes count - in-studio, LIVEstream and those via The Virtual Om - regardless of length, style or intensity.

Q: How do I gain access to the Energize Member Page and the WhatsApp group?


A: All details will be sent out before October 1st.

Q: Are members who have a monthly reoccurring or annual membership eligible to participate?



A: Absolutely! Members that are on an auto renew or annual membership will have a conversion fee. Keep an eye on your inbox from an email from us!

Q: How do I track my classes?


A. Two, count 'em, two tracking boards! One will be in-studio, loud and proud, and the other will be online. Tracking will be interactive between you and TVO Team to maintain accuracy.

Q: How do I gain access to The Virtual Om?


A: When your Energize Your Practice Membership becomes active on October 1st, you'll have access. To gain access head the Classes tab on our website, then login. Easy peasy!

Q: How long is registration open for Energize Your Practice?


A: Registration remains open until October 10th, unless we sell out!

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