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Alysha Pfeiffer

“I look forward to ending my week with Alysha's Friday class whenever possible, and love the fact that when I have a conflict during the morning I can always take the class via the recording to end my day. I'm so grateful for the flexibility and for Alysha's class!” - E.M.

More About Alysha

Alysha has been sharing her passion for self care and self love through teaching yoga since 2004. Alysha enjoys leading others towards reconnecting to themselves and their most relaxed state, in body and mind, through intentional breathing practices, supported and restorative yoga postures, and learning how to meditate in a way that is simple and accessible. 

Alysha completed her first 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara CA. She then returned to White Lotus the following year and completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. She also completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program with Naime Jezzeny and Sue Elkind (DIG Yoga) and several Restorative Yoga trainings with Judith Lasater and Jillian Pransky.


Some of the additional teachers that Alysha practices with regularly include Tiffany Crukishank, Judith & Lizzie Lasater, and Tracee Stanley. 


Most recently, Alysha has been incorporating a set of 8 Quartz Crystal Bowls into her classes. The bowls help to bring harmony and balance to the energy system in the body. She plays the bowls, which are tuned to 432hz, while listeners rest in nourishing and restful restorative postures. 


Alysha lives in New Jersey with her partner Chris and their two dogs, Sage and Max. 

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