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The 108

The 108 is a commitment to yourself,
an exploration of yourself,
on the journey to yourSELF,
through 108 yoga classes.


 Why 108? 

108 has long been considered an auspicious number with many meanings, one of which is signifying the wholeness of existence.  Take the journey through yourself to yourSelf by embarking on 108 yoga classes. 108 is also the total number of mantras, prayers, beads, points of meditation traditionally creating a mala. Malas can often been seen around the necks or wrists of yogis, meditation practitioners and soon enough, you.


How does it work?

  • Fill out the 108 intention form

  • Start taking classes! (In-person or LIVEstream)

  • Meet your personal guide, a teacher from the studio from whom you may seek guidance along the way and who will guide you with suggestions, prompts, and overall cheerleading.

  • Learn, grow, and realize your highest potential.

  • Receive your mala to commemorate your journey.

Communication & Connection

You will receive monthly newsletters, specifically crafted for you as part of the 108 group. This communication will provide you more information about yoga concepts, reflection practices, and other ponderings as they become relevant throughout the year. It will also provide you a prompt and link to join a specially curated messaging group on WhatsApp for just 108’ers and the TVO guides. Who are guides? Sue, Erin, Kate, and Jenny.


Monthly newsletters will consist of 5 main parts:

At the conclusion of 108 classes and to signify your journey, you will receive a locally-made mala, a necklace-like string of 108 prayer beads. We will also commemorate your dedication in the studio as part of a decorative mala installment which will grow and evolve along with each 108'er. See more finishers’ perks, including how to use your mala, at bottom of page.

Complete at your own pace and repeat to your heart’s desire


Interested in getting started, but have more questions? We're here.

Thanks for submitting!

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The Finer Points


  • We suggest you track your classes, but you can trust that your guide will keep your count as well.

  • You will be assigned a guide, a teacher from the studio from whom you may seek guidance along the way and who will support you along the way with suggestions, prompts, and overall cheerleading.

  • There is no extra fee to participate. You may use class cards, memberships, or drop-in.

  • Inactive Status: As a 108 journeyer, if you do not respond to your guide consistently for a 2 month period, without having communicated a hiatus period in advance, you will be considered “inactive” in the program. Inactive status means you will no longer receive direct, personal contact by your guide but you will continue to receive the newsletters, unless indicated otherwise. Your count will remain in tact, which you can reactivate at any time where you left off.


mala beads 1-3.heic


You finished! Now what?

Continue to enjoy the 108 perks:

  • You will continue to receive the monthly newsletters unless you advise us otherwise

  • You may engage with the Active Reflection portion of the newsletters

  • And you are welcome to join in on the WhatsApp conversation.

Enjoy your gorgeous mala. Here's how:

  • Take time to choose the mantra - word or phrase of personal meaning or focus that you would like to assign to your new mala. It is suggested that each mala has only mantra assigned to it, to more powerfully imbue it rather than use it as an abacus.

  • With your right hand use your middle finger and thumb to hold each bead at a time as you repeat the chosen mantra silently or aloud as you work your way through the whole string of 108. It is advised not to use your index finger as it represents the ego.

  • The bead connecting the tassel is known as the “Guru bead”. It is best to start and end on the beads next to this bead as it is not to be prayed upon like the others. The Guru bead represents a confluence all of the teachers or individuals who have impacted you historically, are supporting you currently, and who will influence you in the future. As such, it is suggested to hold this bead in a moment of reverence at the end of your “count”.

  • Unlike Rosary beads it is suggested that you wear your mala beads around your neck or looped around your wrist for ease of use at any time you’d like. When not worn on your person it is advised that you store your beads in a sacred space or on a diety.

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