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During a time when we are keeping our circles a little tighter, Small Group and Private Yoga are great ways to enjoy the energy of practicing with others, guided by your teacher’s more focused attention in a selectively curated group to ensure your safety and well being. 


Want us to come to you? Your 60 minute, personalized yoga class can be held at your home, or space provided there is adequate room for you and your loved ones or friends to comfortably practice. A minimum of 4 individuals qualifies  as “small” and would be perfect to get together for some mat time. We have seen these make wonderful team bonding experiences and birthday celebrations!


Bring yoga, stress management, and mindfulness into your workplace with Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We can provide guided small space or desk based movement, breathing techniques, and nondenominational mindful practices to both equip your team for top performance skills and treat them to some time out of “work mode”. Slip some 20 - 30 minute mini sessions into your weekly or monthly team meetings or treat your group to full 60 minute sessions. 

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Small Group, Private + Corporate

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