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The Valley Om offers classes in-studio and LIVEstream via Zoom. Some of our classes are also recorded.

In-Studio + LIVEstream + Recording
Class Descriptions


These are offered in our studio at the Silk Mill


An option born during the pandemic and you can join a class from the comfort of your own home while an in-studio class is in session. It is your choice as to whether you turn your camera on or not. If you choose to, our teachers may be able to offer verbal adjustments and helpful tips that pertain to you.



Some of our in-studio classes are recorded. Class recordings are sent out shortly after the class with access for an additional 24hours. This option is perfect if you are unable to attend in-studio or LIVEstream. ALL guests who register for the class will receive the recording. Not able to attend but want the recording? Sign up for the class as LIVEstream and then check your inbox when you get the chance.


You can identify which classes are recorded, in-studio or LIVEstream by the class title on our Booking Page or check out our class descriptions.


Class Descriptions

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Yoga 0.0

This weekly in-studio offering has been curated for beginners.

It is a  slower paced class focused on the basics and fundamentals, where you learn about your body and how poses are best suited to YOU. Build a connection to your breath and movement for greater confidence to step into other studio classes. In-studio only

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These classes are open to all levels of experience and cater to those who might be seeking to focus on fundamentals of a yoga

Yoga asana (posture) practice as the pace is somewhat slower and the transitions from one posture to another are more simplified.

In-studio + LIVEstream.

We do have 1 class that also has a recording…

web 17.HEIC

Yoga Flow

You will be guided through a full spectrum flow class at a moderate pace to explore the available ranges of motion in your unique body and experience.

These classes assume that you have some fundamental knowledge of yoga or have experienced Yoga 0.0 or Yoga classes. 

In-studio + LIVEstream        

web 5.HEIC

Yoga Conditioning

This class blends traditional yoga with dynamic mobility training for increased cardiovascular strength, agility, and body confidence.

Yoga conditioning builds stamina, enhances range of motion, and improves aerobic capacity. This class is recorded and available to (re)watch up to 24 hours after the conclusion of class. Enrolling in this class grants you a link to the recording. 

In-studio + LIVEstream


Pop Up Fridays

An element of surprise and excitement for the end of your week.

Join Kate and Jenny for some movement and fun whether it’s Yoga Flow, Yoga Conditioning, Barre, Yoga HIIT, DJ Brad accompanied Yoga, or Silent Yoga on the schedule. All levels are welcome. Hate surprises? Follow The Valley Om social channels and weekly email blasts for the big reveal each week. 

In-studio + LIVEstream

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Daily Practice

Move into your day with a full spectrum yoga flow designed to awaken your body, focus your mind and supercharge your energy.

In-studio + LIVEstream

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A midday yoga break to move your body and connect to your breath.

Perfect for ALL. 

In-studio + LIVEstream        

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Practice deep relaxation as your body is supported with generous, comfortable propping and allowed time to completely decompress on all levels.

This class is recorded and available to (re)watch up to 24 hours after the conclusion of class. Enrolling in this class grants you a link to the recording. 

In-studio + LIVEstream + Recording        


Yin is a quiet practice, typically seated or reclined and targets the deeper tissues of the body - joints, ligaments and the fascia.

It is a great complement to any active lifestyle and all levels are welcome. 

In-studio + LIVEstream        

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This therapeutic, healing form of yoga includes guided awareness, Ujjayi breathing followed by a series of poses to release the muscles & tension in the layers of the muscles wrapped around your spin.

Yoga props such as blankets and blocks are used to support the body in this relaxing class. In addition, consented hands-on adjustments are used to further aid the body's natural healing capabilities. 


myoyin kate_edited.jpg


MyoYin pairs Myofascial Release with Yin Yoga.

Using therapy balls and yoga props you will massage a target area and then take a Yin hold to further release the area. These complementary practices have the ability to affect the muscular and fascial networks to down regulate the nervous system - reducing overstimulation so that the body has the ability to have a deep sense of relaxation and peace. This class is recorded and available to (re)watch up to 24 hours after the conclusion of class. Enrolling in this class grants you a link to the recording. 

In-studio + LIVEstream + Recording    

myoyin kate_edited.jpg
Speciaty Classes
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Specialty Classes

These are unique class offerings that are longer in duration, averaging 75 minutes to 2 hours, and take a deeper dive into a specific topic, or style of yoga. 

The Virtual Om

The Virtual Om 

Practice in the comfort and safety of your own home to the familiar voices and friendly faces of your favorite TVO teachers. You can choose the duration of your practice, intensity, focus, and most importantly WHEN you practice! This service is designed to be used at your unique convenience for your unique needs. Find general flows, standing practices, Restorative, Yin, Chair, Meditations, Kirtan, Barre, HIIT, MyoYin, and so much more!

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What Clients Say

"I miss you and the studio - and will get back there soon, but I have been able to squeeze a class or 2 in every day this week with the flexibility of The Virtual Om - and I feel like I am at the studio with great people while doing the classes"

Tell me more! 


  • Virtual classes are pre-recorded specifically to be accessed by you through the library of The Virtual Om. You access them the same way you would use Video On Demand - whenever, wherever you want! LIVEstream refers to classes that are happening live in the yoga studio which can also be streamed directly to your device so you can practice remotely in real time.

  • Videos are organized by collections. You can use filters to decide what style of class best suits you.

  • There are more than 100 videos currently in the library! We add new videos every month!

  • You may watch your favorites over and over again!

Subscription $35

 (+4% service fee to Momence, our software partner)

–30 days of access to the video library

–Auto renewal until you decide you to cancel

Subscription $90

 (+4% service fee to Momence, our software partner)

90 days of access to the video library

** Memberships with access to The Virtual Om: Annual, Luxe Unlimited, Luxe Mini.
For login information, email
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Outdoor Classes

Hugh Moore Park is a picturesque extension of the City of Easton and is home to the National Canal Museum. Steeped with history, nestled between the Lehigh Canal and Lehigh River, the 520 acre park showcases a new playground, bike skills course, a dog park, and multi-use path. 


Take your practice outside and join Kate every Monday night from June 14th (no class on July 5th) to August 30th for an all levels yoga class from 6:30 to 7:30pm and bask your senses in nature!

Details & Policies 

Class Info: An all levels outdoor yoga class held every Monday (no class on July 5th) from June 6th to August 29th.


Pre-registration: Required through Vagaro and required at minimum 1 hour prior to class start time. You can access through the Vagaro app or through schedule page. Drop in’s, class cards and memberships to apply.

Getting there: Hugh Moore Park is located at 2750 Hugh Moore Park Road, Easton, PA 18042. Click HERE for GoogleMaps. Cross over the green bridge (it is one lane, so please watch for cars before entering), turn right and follow the road to the very end, which coincides with the parking lot. From there, head to the large grass area just beyond the parking lot. There will be a sign pointing you in the right direction.

What to Bring: A yoga mat, props (optional) and possibly a towel to place under your mat. In addition, water, bug spray and a hat (optional), since you will be outside.

Weather: If foul weather is imminent, you will be notified a minimum of an hour before class via email. If we are unable to have an outdoor class, you will receive a credit to your account and/or class package. 


Public Bathroom: There is no public bathroom on site.

Small Group, Private, Corporate
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Small Group, Private + Corporate

During a time when we are keeping our circles a little tighter, Small Group and Private Yoga are great ways to enjoy the energy of practicing with others, guided by your teacher’s more focused attention in a selectively curated group to ensure your safety and well being. 


Want us to come to you? Your 60 minute, personalized yoga class can be held at your home, or space provided there is adequate room for you and your loved ones or friends to comfortably practice. A minimum of 4 individuals qualifies  as “small” and would be perfect to get together for some mat time. We have seen these make wonderful team bonding experiences and birthday celebrations!


Bring yoga, stress management, and mindfulness into your workplace with Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We can provide guided small space or desk based movement, breathing techniques, and nondenominational mindful practices to both equip your team for top performance skills and treat them to some time out of “work mode”. Slip some 20 - 30 minute mini sessions into your weekly or monthly team meetings or treat your group to full 60 minute sessions. 

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