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Erin Mascelli

“Oh my gosh was the YIN class good. 

My sister and I did the 8 am with Erin and it felt amazing. I loved Erin’s energy and how kind and caring she was! We’ll definitely be back!!!” 



More About Erin

From an early age, Erin has been involved in sports. Growing up in Western Canada, she was a competitive figure skater into her late teens. During that time, Erin was fortunate to train with Olympic-caliber coaches who recognized the benefits of stretching and visualization classes to complement on-ice training. She didn’t know it at the time, but this early exposure to yoga-inspired methods would eventually lead her down a yogic path...


Competitive by nature, Erin’s athletic endeavors drew her to triathlons and eventually an Ironman. Her true love is to ride her bike, so triathlons gave way to bicycle racing. She’s raced the esteemed Leadville 100 mile Mountain Bike Race in Colorado and in the summer of 2018 raced another iconic Colorado race, Breck Epic, a six day mountain bike stage race, as a duo, with her good bud, Ali. Cyclocross is Erin’s mainstay of racing. She attributes her longevity of racing to having a regular yoga practice. While the asanas are what initially brought Erin to the mat in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility, it was the spiritual nature, and true grace of yoga, that keeps her coming back.


We all want to continue to do all the things we love, for as long as we can. We want to age gracefully. We want our bodies to stay nimble, We want to keep moving forward. For Erin, yoga provides all of this. It opens a door to know ourselves better and complements everyday life.  In Erin’s yoga and yin classes, you can expect foundational, functional and accessible poses, suitable for a newbie to yoga or a seasoned practitioner.


Erin earned her 200-hour certification in 2013 and has had subsequent training with, Jody Domerstad, Sage Rountree - Yoga For Athletes and  her most recent training focused on Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark

Erin lives in Easton, PA, with her husband Angelo and an adorable pitbull named Georgia, who just so happens to have her own Instagram @georgiaofeaston

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