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March MATness 2023

to benefit Fluffy Butt Rescue via Fluffy Fifty 

Choose your own adventure:

  • Sukha 16 - a yoga pose pool featuring 'sweet' 16 poses for you to bet on for fun and fundraising

  • 50/50 Raffle for those who prefer a more classic game of chance and direct donation

  • Link to purchase limited edition Fluffy Fifty tee shirts

  • Link to donate directly to Fluffy Fifty 

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Brush up on your bracketology strategies and probability calculations for March MATness 2023! 

Here is your chance to weigh in on how you feel about some of the most commonly utilized yoga postures. Throughout March 16 yoga poses will go head to head and there can only be ONE winning pose. 


How does one pose “win” over another? You get to make up those rules! You could choose one over the other for myriad reasons such as you’re more familiar with it; it provides you more therapeutic benefit; you prefer the name; you just plain like it better. You can expect to experience the chosen postures during the course of the month, to assist your decision making. 


Why would you want to pay to play? The proceeds generated from this super fun and interactive event will be going to Fluffy Butt Animal Rescue via the Fluffy Fifty. The Fluffy Fifty is one man’s attempt to “run for the rescue”. Jay Arch will endeavor to complete a 50 mile run on June 17, 2023 to raise awareness and funds for Fluffy Butt Rescue (FBR) in Milford, New Jersey, a non-profit, vegan, animal microsanctuary.


Jay’s ultra ambitions of raising $10,000 for FBR are supported by many including his partner Brad, who you may know better as DJ Brad Scott; Jon Capobianco of Test Your metal Fitness, Amy Wolff from Hearst Publishing, our SILK neighbor JT of J Taylor Design, and all of you here at The Valley Om if you choose to participate.

Bracket Pricing 

Sukha 16 (2).png


1 Bracket / $10 

Purchase a single bracket and predict the winning pose by selecting a winner from each dual. Fill out the whole bracket and submit a copy (digital image) to TVO team member before March 4th to play.


3 Brackets / $25

Predict a variety of outcomes by purchasing more than 1 (or 3!) brackets to play! Same rules apply, submit fully completed brackets by March 4th and watch the duals play out as we make our way through March. 

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How it works:

Purchase a blank bracket for $10, or 3 for $25 (you may purchase as many as you like to vary your picks and chances to win terrific prizes!) These will be printed and provided by The Valley Om. 


  • First: Night of Glamping at Fluffy Butt Rescue (value of $140) 

  • Second: Fluffy Butt Rescue Dove Love hoodie (value of $42)

  • Third: Fluffy Butt Rescue embroidered beanie (value of $30)

***All participants will receive a Fluffy Butt Rescue sticker*** 


From the Sukha 16 poses selected to go head-to-head in week 1 (March 6 - 11), choose 1 pose to “win” each dual and move on to week 2 (March 13 - 18). Repeat that process for the week 2 and week 3 (March 20 - 25) match-ups to arrive at your guess at the ultimate winning pose! 


Brackets must be completed in full and provided to the TVO team by Friday, March 5th. You can email a picture of your bracket(s) or bring it into the studio to have a team member take a photo. 


For each correct guess you will get points:

Week 1 - 1 point

Week 2 - 2 points

Week 3 - 3 points

Week 4 - 4 points 


The individual with the most points wins! There will be second and third place winners too. 


The pose duals are subjective. Participating in the pool affords you the right to vote for your favorite poses in each dual. Votes will be collected by two means:

1. Paper ballots collected in the studio 

2. Instagram story voting system


Votes for each week must be submitted by the Saturday of each week 

Week 1 - March 11th

Week 2 - March 18th

Week 3 - March 25th

Week 4 - April 1st 

On the subsequent Sundays we will tally the votes and update the master bracket in studio. You can then calculate your points along the way. 


Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 2nd! 


February 15, 2023

March 4, 2023

March 6 - 11, 2023

March 13 - 18, 2023

March 20 - 25, 2023

March 27 - 31, 2023

April 1, 2023

April 2, 2023

Brackets available for purchase. You can fill out more than 1 to increase your chances of picking the winning poses and earning the most points. 


Can be purchased online or in-studio. Printed brackets and complimentary Fluffy Butt stickers can be collected in-studio. 

Brackets completely filled out must be submitted by this date! 

Send in a picture of your bracket by email to or by text to 610-597-5616 (Sue). You may bring in a hard copy of your bracket as well, if you rprefer.

Failure to provide proof of completed bracket will disqualify you from pool. 

Week 1: vote on head to head duals as depicted on bracket by paper ballot in-studio or through instagram through these dates. 

Votes will be counted on Sunday, March 12th and the poses that are moving on to week 2 will be reflected on the master bracket in-studio. For every correctly predicted pose, give yourself 1 point!

Week 2: vote on new head to head duals. Votes will be counted on Sunday, March 19th and the poses that are moving on to week 3 will be reflected on the master bracket in-studio. For every correctly predicted pose, give yourself 2 points!

Week 3: vote on the semi final duals. Votes will be counted on Sunday, March 26th and the poses that are moving on to the final round will be announced and reflected on the master bracket in-studio. For every correctly predicted pose, give yourself 3 points!

Week 4: Pick your winner between the final two poses! Votes will be counted on Saturday, April 1st, and We Ain't Foolin' , earn 4 points toward your total on the correct winning pose! To be announced on the 1st. 

TVO team will calculate your submitted brackets and announce the overall winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd brackets. 

These will be announced on April 2nd. 

Winning pose announced! 

Winning brackets announced!

5050 raffle rules.png
Sukha 16 (2).png

March 1 st - 31st

50 / 50 Raffle

1 ticket / $5

10 tickets / $20 

Classic 50/50 - random draw of the winning ticket on April 1st. Winner will receive half of the pot and half will be added to the donation to Fluffy Fifty.

Ticket rules as shown apply.

Fluffy Fifty (Poster (36 × 24 in)) (3).png

Animals who come to FBR have unique stories but they all share a past which lacked the respect and basic acknowledgement of value that each sentient being deserves. Help us reach Jay’s goal of raising $10,000; money that can be used to supply the Fluffy Butt barn with much needed electricity for heat and lights, food, veterinary care, and so much more.

Purchase your own limited edition, commemorative Fluffy Fifty shirt complete with Jay's signature and all 

Donate through Venmo

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