Join The Valley Om and lululemon for a casual group run, run/walk on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. Get a look at, and even a training run on, the trail that hosts the Artful Dash in Oct. You can enjoy a 2 mile run or a 20 minute run, run/walk.

YOUR pace is welcome!

Stretch sesh to follow.

$10 registration fee will be donated to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail

Experience a liberating fascia release using foam rollers and therapy balls, followed by an unforgettable, i-Rest yoga nidra—all accompanied by the soothing sound of resonant Tibetan singing bowls.

Fascia is connective tissue that unifies us as a whole, but it can become sticky and gluey causing you to lose range of motion. Learn to free the body before falling into the meditative magic of yoga nidra’s guided relaxation.

A special once monthly luxurious practice of relieving stress and tension in the body and mind. Restorative yoga can reduce the discomfort of aches in the body while simultaneously calming the mind. Lounging on supportive piles of bolsters and blankets melts away tightness in the muscles and sets up the ideal circumstances for the nervous system to let go. This class, which is open to any level of practitioner, includes reiki (energy healing work) as well as breath awareness, and concludes with a quartz crystal bowl meditation.

Dates: 8/11, 10/13, 12/8 (see more below)

I’d Rather Be In Savasana featuring Meg Lyding

Your favorite Restorative experience guided by Alysha Pfeiffer with the magical pairing of Meg Lyding on a full set of crystal singing bowls.

Dates: 7/14, 9/8, 11/10